All Rose Casket Spray


Using only the freshest roses mingled between masses of vibrant mixed green foliage, the dramatic colour palette of either rich red, soft white, dusky pinks and summer yellows combined with luscious limes and greens makes this full rose casket top a popular choice when it comes to choosing a fitting tribute for the passing of a dear one.

Option Price Qty  
3FTRED £120.00
3FTYELLOW £120.00
3FTWHITE £120.00
3FTPINK £120.00
3FTMIX £120.00
4FTRED £170.00
4FTYELLOW £170.00
4FTWHITE £170.00
4FTPINK £170.00
4FTMIX £170.00
5FTRED £240.00
5FTYELLOW £240.00
5FTWHITE £240.00
5FTPINK £240.00
5FTMIX £240.00
6FTRED £300.00
6FTYELLOW £300.00
6FTWHITE £300.00
6FTPINK £300.00
6FTMIX £300.00