General Data Protection Regulations & Cookies Policy

This page covers the following topics:
  • Our Promise to you
  • Cookies
  • Your information
  • Financial information
  • Spam
  • Business Data
  • Your information
  • Supplier information
  • 3rd parties
  • Subject Access Requests
  • Fraud and Loss Prevention

Our Promise to you

Passionis flowers is committed to protecting your privacy. We will NEVER sell or intentionally give your information to anyone. IF we share your information with a third party it would be at your request, with your prior knowledge. We will always do our upmost to keep it safe and secure and are open in this page about how and what we use the information for.


Not just a tasty biscuit, these are small snippets of text which allow websites to work. We, like most companies, use them to help create a better experience for you. These store data and may include your IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, referral source, length of visit, page views and website navigation paths, as well as information about the timing, frequency and pattern of your use. We ask your consent to use them on the home page, or you consent to using them by navigating within the site and in accordance with the terms of the policies we set.

What cookies do we have?

We use two types of cookie. One for the analytics of the usage of our site, and the other is for your benefit, to help the website operate in an assistive way.

What does the analytical one record?

Well to start with, it doesn’t know any of your personal information, such as your name, address or telephone numbers. It allocates you a random number and records what you look at and for how long. What route you took through the website, what has been searched for, and records some information about what type of computer, tablet or phone you are using. It then collates your data with everyone else’s and provides us with statistical information.

So what do we use them for?

We like over 10 million other website owners, use Google Analytics to record information about how the site is used. So for example, if we found everyone is using our website on a phone, we would concentrate our efforts on making the website work best for a phone. Alternatively, if many people were searching for Beauty and the Beast Rose, we know we can sell them with confidence. We actually found a number of searches for Ivy, and so she now features on the home page!

What else does it record?

As it is the most popular analytical tracking application, instead of allocating a new cookie to every site, it allows one cookie to be used across literally millions of site. Therefore, whilst we do not see anything about you, Google does. It cleverly works out patterns, for example if you visited a football clubs website frequently, it would assume that you may be interested in football. To further create an anonymous sample, it will then not use every single visitor, it will randomly choose a selection of them. Currently this is set at 30% of a 63% sample. – So approximately 2 out of every ten visitors.

What does that mean for me?

Not a lot really. To be honest there is many analytical recording solutions, and they all record in different ways, what we all do on websites. From a business point of view, it allows us to see what people visiting our site like, and where they are coming from. Therefore, we can use it ensuring that we are targeting the right people with the right offers, through targeted advertising and selected promotional offers.

What other cookies you use?

We also have a shopping basket cookie. As you shop and put things into the cart, the servers record this and allocates you a randomised code. If for some reason, your session was disconnected, when you re visit the website, it will call the code and reactivate your basket. Saving you the trouble of having to re-add everything.

What other cookies you use?

We also have a shopping basket cookie. As you shop and put things into the cart, the servers record this and allocates you a randomised code. If for some reason, your session was disconnected, when you re visit the website, it will call the code and reactivate your basket. Saving you the trouble of having to re-add everything.

Why is my name and details automatically showing?

This is down to your browser recording ‘autofill’ information. As you go through websites filling in order forms, and such like. Your web browser records this information to save you having to type it in every time.

I don’t like the idea of cookies or ‘autofill’, how can they be stopped?

Ok that’s cool, not a problem. Our website works just as well without cookies and autofill. In order to stop these features, you will need to go into the settings of your browser to turn them off. A word of warning though. – Some other website rely on cookies to work, and disabling them might stop them working.

Your personal information after you have made an order

The information you supply is transmitted using encryption. Therefore, anyone intercepting the data, wouldn’t know what it was at all. The information is stored in a database, which is protected. We have to keep it for 7 years, as we do for all records. If you make multiple orders, it recalls some of this information to make your transaction a bit quicker. For example, you won’t have to fill in your Mum’s address every time for delivery!

What about financial information?

Simply put, we do not store any of it. All of our payment information is processed through third parties. Who have their own policies in place to secure your information. We use Stripe and Paypal and the card information you supply is actually fed directly to them and never even touches our servers! For more information please check through: Stripe: Paypal:

Will you use my email address and spam me?

No. We are not allowed to, and would never want to! – We have a mailing list and from time to time, may email out to customers about offers relating directly to us. However, it is not our intention to use this as a main form of communication, nor to spam anybody with non-relevant offers. If you are interested in our offers, and we hope you are, we have a check box during the checkout that you can tick, and it will add you. If not, that’s fine also, we understand. We spend hours a week deleting junk and would hate for you to feel the same about us.

Business Data

As a business we have to store information to be able to function. This falls in to two distinct areas, customers and suppliers. Customer information is the information used to purchase items from us. Supplier information is information used by us to buy in our products.

Your information

For our customers, we store as little information as possible. However, as you will understand, we need to know some information to be able to get the flowers to the right people. Consequently, we request that you supply us with a delivery name and address, message for any associated card, and some personal information from you to make sure we can contact you if there was a problem. We also over the phone take card information, a postcode and house number to be able to correctly charge you for the items. Your payment information is typed into our card terminal which uses Clover technology. It displays the first 5 and last digit of your card number, on the screen, and payment slips. It also asks for the post code, and house number for security validation. No one ever gets to see the details in full after we have typed them in. For the purposes of fraud and theft prevention these order slips are retained in a safe, for a period of thirty days, before the card information is removed and destroyed, and the remaining slip is filed to be retained like all other paperwork for 7 years. Suppliers information is similarly retained for a period of 7 years.

3rd Parties

We work with selected companies to offer a wider range of services. For example, eFlorist to send flowers further afield. We have to supply your information for them to be able to supply the flowers as you have requested. This is only ever done when you have requested us to, and never without your prior consent. Please understand, we can not be held responsible for their data protection, and ask that you carefully check through their policies for your own peace of mind.

Subject Access Requests (SAR)

If you wish to have a copy of any information we have about you. Please contact us using the contact page

Supplying the following:
- Your name
- Address
- Telephone number - Current email address
- Any details which may help your enquiry such as order or dates of purchase.

As per recommendation, we will endeavour to return by email the details we retain on you, within 30 days. Please understand at peak periods this may be delayed.

Should no information be found, you will receive an email to confirm as such.

Please be aware data may be sanitised for the protection of any other parties. For example, if you have flowers delivered, the information supplied would NOT include the sender information.

Fraud and Crime Prevention

We work with the Police, NCA, HMRC, and card companies to prevent fraud, money laundering, crime and loss prevention. If your details have been supplied as part of a crime, we reserve the right to be able to supply them to authorised persons to prevent criminal activity, and safeguard against future losses.

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