Watering the garden

Gardening Tips for you…

With all this lovely weather, it is hard to sit by and watch our gardens and beautiful flowers die. So when we can we water them! The only problem is when is good, what should we use and how should we do it?

When watering your garden, always try to do it, either in the early morning or late at night. This will stop it evaporating during the day, ensuring the plants can drink most of it. Don’t over water at night as it can lead to a damp garden which encourage slugs.

Always check the weather forecast too! – You don’t want to water your garden before going to bed, then during the night there is a down pour. It will overwater your plants and cause more damage than if you left it a night and did it the next instead. 

It is also worth remembering that during heat waves such as now, if hose pipe bans come around, it is illegal to use your hosepipe and could get you a fine of up to £1000! 

Be mindful in particular areas the ph levels can cause problems, so you may need to add nutrients to the water to help the plants grow to their best.

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