About Passionis Flowers

With thousands of flowers to choose from, let me help you chose the right ones


Fresh Flowers Every Time

Each order is unique, so the flowers should be too. I do not reuse flowers for or from any other orders.


Modern & Traditional

I am capable of the full range of techniques, so your choices are not limited. With over a decade of experience in the industry. I have extensive knowledge to be able to advise accordingly.



Free from any chains, I am able to make the flowers just as you want. Working from home, I am able to pass my savings on to you, and I am able to visit you outside of traditional working hours.


Advanced Design and options

I can create anything from a button hole, to a 6 foot coffin spray. I am able to adapt flowers to make what ever you can think of.

Maz - Owner

As a top-level qualified florist, with over a decade of extensive experience in the industry; trained by some of the best florists, both at college and vocationally. I worked for a couple of other florists before deciding to set up Passionis Flowers myself. Having provided flowers for top events, funerals and weddings, I am very-capable and extremely reliable; if you need floral advice, I am always able to help.

How I got to where I am today…

I have worked in florist shops for over ten years, learning my trade hands-on whilst also studying floristry at college. Originally, I wanted to study crime scene investigation, but I soon realized that floristry is where my heart really lies. As retail floristry is a dying industry, I have specialised in events and funerals, and whilst I work full time elsewhere, I continue my passion and provide fresh and enthused ideas for customers as and when I am required.

Passionis Flowers

“Passionis” is a Latin word, meaning “the most passionate of”; as this describes our passion in life for flowers, and all flowers have a latin name, it only seemed fitting to call ourselves Passionis Flowers. They keep us happy and to work with them daily is an absolute privilege. “Flores” is the latin word for flowers, but as that sounds a little too much like “floor” and as we are not a flooring company or passionate about flooring, we decided to keep the word flowers.

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