Thousands of flowers to choose from

We are able to help you get the right ones for the occasion.

Fresh Flowers Every time

Each order is unique, so should the flowers be. We don’t reuse flowers for any other orders


Large catalogue of pieces

We have a large portfolio of work, to help you be inspired when making the choice.


Purple Singapore Orchid


We are available outside of standard business hours, so we can help you choose your wedding flowers when it is convenient to you – call us to find out more.

Modern & Traditional

We use a full range of techniques; So you wont be limited to one style or design pattern.


Full Range of Options

We can create anything from a button hole to a 6 foot spray. The only limit is your imagination!


Passionis Flowers are not tied to a chain, so your flowers can be as unique as your requirements. We are completely flexible in helping you make the right choice.

Extensive Experience

With over a decade of extensive experience in the industry, we are ready and able to provide the best advice, for your requirement.

Advanced Designs

Having had many positive comments for our work, we are able to turn flowers into your desires.

About Maz

Maz - The Owner, Biography
How I got to where I am today…

I have worked in florist shops for over ten years, learning my trade hands-on whilst also studying floristry at college. Originally, I wanted to study crime scene investigation, but I soon realized that floristry is where my heart really lies.

Which flowers would make up my dream bouquet…

I’m always attracted to something new or something that I haven’t used for a while. That’s the great thing about floristry – the changing of the seasons brings a fresh variety of flowers, colours and textures. My ideal bouquet would be red Naomi roses and hot chocolate calla lilies, if I were to choose just one flower, it would have to be a shekong; they are unique and last forever.

Where I find inspiration for my floral designs…

Simply playing with combinations when I have a spare moment can be a productive way of coming up with surprising new ideas; it’s great when my imagination runs wild.

What I enjoy most about my career…

Floristry can be challenging, but a rewarding job too; I love seeing a whole event through from start to finish – from the first consultation to the delivery and set up on the day. You get to know your clients and feel their excitement as the day draws nearer.

My ideal day off…

Would be under water! That’s right, under water; I’m also a scuba diver and I love diving on a Sunday to see what the other half of the world is like. When I’m diving there is no care in the world; I can forget about everything that’s happening in the real world for the day…